Wired is an open-source project, and every contributions are welcome.

Testing and reporting bugs

The best way to contribute to the Wired project for testing is to regularly visit the official server or Take part to discussions and install latest versions to give your feedback and report bugs.

You also can report bugs using the Bitbucket issue tracker. Have a look to the Developer Wiki to find corresponding links.

Note about bug-repport: Reporting bugs is not easily as saying "it doesn't work". When you experienced a freak behavior and you think that you have a bug to report, be careful to check the following points:

  1. If the bug is not random, be sure to define steps to reproduce it.
  2. Notify in your report what OS and software versions it is about.
  3. Try to document your report with program logs, crash logs and/or screenshots.

Contribute to the source code

Sources are hosted at Bitbucket on several Git repositories. Because source repositories are increasingly used in end-user distribution process on UNIX platforms, I organized each UNIX program in dedicated places. Otherwise, all the Cocoa sources are in the same repository. libwired, as a dependency for every program of the Wired suite, is also stored in a separated repository. Dependencies between repositories are managed by Git sub-modules capabilities.

Visit the Developer Wiki page to find resources you need to getting started. You are guest to visit us on the official server or to talk and share about your work.

Contribute as a translator

The Wired project needs a translation support, especially regarding the Mac OS X software suite. Let us know if you are familiar with Mac software translation on the official server or and visit the tanslate page to learn more about translation of Wired software.

Write and correct documentations

It is important for every open-source project to provide a complete and up-to-date documentation. If you are interested in helping us to redact, correct and maintain the Wired documentation, contact us on the official server or

Moderate and help the community

If you are a social person interested in the Wired project, you can give your time on the official server or, to share your knowledge with other users of the community.


These donations are intended to support and encourage the development of the Wired project in its open-source way. Click on the following button to make a donation: