Contribute to the Wired source code

Keep in touch

If you decide to invest yourself a lot in the development of Wired, come visit us on the official server to share your work. It helps to organize all together, to facilitate the centralization of the source code and to distribute the working effort efficiently.

Forking Wired repositories

To contribute to the Wired source code, the best way is to fork Wired repositories on from your personnal account. Thus, you will be able to send us pull request with your changes.

  1. Login to
  2. Got to one of the Wired repositories:
  3. Click on the "Fork" button in the toolbar and create you own remote clone.
  4. Clone your newly create repository to work locally.

Be aware that Wired repositories massively use Git submodules. I recommend to read the related page for a good start.

You can use the forked repository has your own. When your changes are done and you want to merge your code with the official repository, return to to send us a "Pull Request" (in the toolbar).

This will send an email to the repository manager who will check your code and merge it with the original sources, if possible.