Wsync is a files synchronization program for the Wired 2.0 protocol. It provides automatic files synchronization from several remote Wired server directories to your local computer. It is written in ANSI-C and portable to many UNIX-like operating systems. It has the ability to run as a one-shot command-line tool, or as a backround daemon.

It is an initial release which has to be deeply tested, however I already use it with success on OSX Mavericks and Ubuntu 13.10 to synchronize private files. I plan to provide a cross-platform GUI to manage wsync with a more user-friendly approach.

The source code is available on GitHub. Please, have a look to the README file for more details about how wsync operates.

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I started a new project around the Wired protocol 2.0 called Deriv. It is about a cross-platform client for Wired 2.0 written in C++ against Qt frameworks and libwired.

The source code could be compiled on OSX, Linux and Windows, it has been quickly tested on the two first. Windows is another story because libwired has to be compiled for it using UNIX-like environment like Cygwin. I don’t know all this kind of stuff, but it is technically possible.

I am interested in collaborating with some other Wired / Qt / Debian / Windows nerds on this project. Feel free to contact me if you match the required skills (C, C++, Qt, Cygwin, Windows, Linux package management, etc.). The project is available on

Some screenshots:

I just released Wired Client 2.1. It brings many fixes and little features. I hope you will like it. However this version does not support Mac OSX versions earlier than 10.7 Lion. If you need a working version for Mac OSX 10.6, Wired Client 2.0.3 is still available for download here.

Download 2.1


  • New Messages window design and storage (move to Core Data)
  • Add search feature in Messages conversations
  • Add messages pagination with scroll-up detection to load more messages
  • New Boards window design
  • Add the ability to display Board threads vertically (a la
  • Add Recent Searches history in Boards sidebar
  • Add better management of Smart Boards
  • New Emoticon Packs feature, compliant with Adium Emoticon Packs
  • Add an emoticons Popover view in chat and messages window
  • Make emoticons Popover draggable as a separated window
  • Add support for User Notification Center to events (only available from 10.8)
  • Add quick-reply support to Chat and Message received event for User Notification (10.9 only)
  • Add contextual handling of Growl events on click action
  • Add Chats and Messages input text field grow automatically when needed
  • Fix bug when opening a Wired internal URL pointing to a directory, in List mode
  • Fix delay quit after 30 seconds
  • Better design and readability of Toolbar notification badges
  • Better Retina display support
  • Max user icon size is now 64px x 64px in order to support Retina display
  • Max server banner size is now 400px x 64px in order to support Retina display

Wired Client 2.0.3 (286) is now available for download. It offers many fixes and enhancements, have a look to the changes log below for more details. This release will be the latest version of Wired Client to support Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Download 2.0.3

Anyway, this version will remain available online for download in the future. However, it will not benefit of further upgrades. Next versions of Wired Client will require Mac OS X 10.7 as minimum operating system version.

This update also provides localization support for german and french languages. Please have a look to this page if you are interested in contributing to translation:

Changes Log:

  • Fix bug where client try to overwrite the Downloads folder on tracker connections
  • Server and tracker bookmarks management moves to the sidebar of the chat window (removed from Preferences)
  • Better contextual menus for the sidebar of the chat window
  • Better design for the Dock notification badge
  • Now import and export your bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu
  • Transfers now auto-reconnect on error when Reconnect On Disconnect setting is true
  • Re-add the crash log GUI in the Help menu to facilitate shared debugging
  • Recover original localization files to Wired Frameworks (de, en, fr, it, ja)
  • Add french and german localizations (thanks to Prof Dr. Luigi)


Bookmarks in the Sidebar

Bookmarks has been moved from Preferences window to the Sidebar of the Chat window. This way the interface is more uniform with bookmarks, network resources and controls in the same place. Import and export bookmarks controls moved to the Bookmarks menu.

  • new_sidebar
  • import_export_bookmarks

Crash Report Window

I restored the Crash Report window, available from the Help menu in order to give you the ability to directly send crash logs file to I will receive them by email as anonymous data.

  • Capture d’écran 2013-07-01 à 01.26.23

New Dock Tile Design

I updated the code used to draw the notification badge of the Dock icon. It now has a normal scaling for every screen resolutions and a better readability.

  • dock_tile

Auto-Reconnect Transfers on Errors

Wired Client now automatically reconnects transfers when errors occur. This allows to bypass the well known Broken-Pipe error without effort. To make it works, be sure to enable the Reconnect On Disconnect setting in Preferences or Bookmarks.

The Wired 2.0 Specification website received a new design. The documentation itself is still incomplete, but you now have a clear view on each item that compose the specification, and the ability to filter them. The website uses Twitter Bootstrap framework to provide a standardized design and advanced Javascript to manage the content.

Wired 2.0 Specification:

Special thanks to getset for his help on this week-end project.


Capture d’écran 2013-07-14 à 15.30.13



Good news, the Wired project is now open to translations. The next release of both Wired Client and Wired Server will provide complete localization for French language. German, Italian and Japanese are coming soon.

It is critical for Wired to be translated in many languages ​​as possible. Wired is a tool that common people use to communicate through Internet, in many different languages. The Wired protocol uses Unicode to support a large variety of characters, for these many languages. The UI also has to be internationalized to provide a better user experience.

If you are interested to contribute to Wired translations, have a look to the following wiki page for more details:


Wired Client 2.0.2 was released. It mostly provides fixes and few adjustments about window management:

- Add a settings to order front or not the app on connection events (Preferences > General)
- Always show the chat window if no window open when clicking the Dock icon
- Fix crash on clear action in transfers window
- Fix bug where Wired Client does not check for update in background at app launch
- Fix missing tab icon notifier on regular chat event
- Fix tab bar overflow menu that was not clickable after switching window
- Fix client crash when close a disconnected tab

Download 2.0.2

Wired Client 2.0.1 (269) is out. Changes:

  • New icon !!!
  • Replace PSMTabBarControl by MMTabBarView
  • Add notification badges to tab items to display unread messages and posts
  • Add notification badge on Transfers icon in toolbar to display number of unfinished transfers
  • Fix bug where sidebar items was not reloaded when importing bookmarks
  • Reorganize sources and migrate to GitHub:
  • Migrate the main domain to

A new tab bar with speed, refined design and animations and new notification badge on the Transfers icon to show to number of unfinished transfers:

The old tabbar (PSMTabBarControl) had very slow performances because it mostly used cell-based and came from a very old code base. The new one is view-based and uses a fresh and optimized framework. That speed-up Wired Client on connection operations and provides new features like tab item notifications.

Download 2.0.1