Wired Client 2.1.1

Wired Client is one of your best daily companion. Get connected to everywhere from your Mac using this native, secure and user-friendly application.

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Wired Server 2.0

Wired Server for Mac OS X makes it easy to run a Wired server instance on your favorite operating system, in few clicks. The application provides a handy Cocoa interface to manage your Wired server without being afraid of its UNIX nature.

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Wire Bot 1.0

Wire Bot is an adaptation of "wirebot" for Mac OS X. Runs a wirebot as a daemon and configure it with few clicks in a cleaver UI. Will rock !

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wired 2.0

Wired, pronounced as "wiredy" because of its evil nature, is a daemon program that runs a Wired 2.0 server on most of the famous UNIX distributions.

wire 2.0

Wire is an UNIX-based command-line client for the Wired 2.0 protocol. Wire uses screens to manage multiple Wired connections in a same program instance.

wirebot 1.0

Wirebot is an UNIX chat robot daemon for the Wired 2.0 protocol. It is based on lib wired, inspired from wired et wire code and Wired Bot features. Totally under-development...

iWired 1.0

A Wired client for iPhone and iPad devices. Wired from everywhere is coming soon...

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