Wired Client 2.1.1

Wired Client is one of your best daily companion. Get connected to everywhere from your Mac using this native, secure and user-friendly application.

Version: 2.1.1 (310)   Mac OS X 10.7+


Wired Client is built with Cocoa to perfectly fit to your operating system. It provides every features you need to browse the Wired network, like multi-connections support, public and private chats, private and broadcast messages, boards, file transfers, and much more !



If you are looking for older versions of Wired Client 2.0, have a look to the SourceForge.net page.

Wired Client 2.0.3 (286) for Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard is available here.

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Wired Client is a native Cocoa application that is perfectly integrated to your favorite operating system. It offers a clean user interface and takes advantage of latests Apple software technologies.

Open Standards

Wired is built using open standards, and is an open standard itself. The protocol specification and the source code are open for all to see, allowing developers to create their own versions, ports or improvements.


With Wired Client you can get connected to several servers simultaneously using a friendly user interface. Events and notifications take care of inform you about what is going on.

Strong Encryption

Wired uses the TLS protocol for encrypted transport, supporting the use of a wide range of strong encryption ciphers. For example, Wired can use the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher.

Powerful Chats

Wired Client provides public and private chats users can join. Chats run with commands support, media inclusion and advanced customization abilities built-in.


Wired Client gives you the ability to send private and broadcast messages to users. A very simple but effective way to communicate safely with your friends. As powerful as chat, but in user-to-user mode !

Share Files

Wired Client comes with file transfers support inside. You can browse, manage, upload, download files on Wired servers, while benefiting from a secure connection.


Boards are to Wired what forums are to the World Wide Web. A place where every user can post and reply to topics.


Wired Client is the way to administrate your Wired Server remotely. It provides a secure access for admins to setup server configuration and parameters.


The Wired Client documentation is available on the Wired Wiki. The Wired Wiki is a place designed as a knowledge base for the Wired project. Use the button below in order to browse the Wired Client wiki page.

  Wired Client Documentation

Nightly Builds

If you are interested in testing Wired Client you can donwload nightly builds versions. These versions are not considered as stable and are distributed without any warranty. Use them carefuly.

  Wired Client 2.1 (306)

You can find a complete versions history at SourceForge.net

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