Wired Server 2.0.1

Wired Server for Mac OS X makes it easy to run a Wired server instance on your favorite operating system, in few clicks. The application provides a handy Cocoa interface to manage your Wired server without being afraid of its UNIX nature.

Version: 2.0.1 (93)   Mac OS X 10.6.8+


Wired Server for Mac OS X is a wrapper application for the UNIX Wired server program. It gives you control to use powerful features like to demonize your server instance, to launch it at system startup and to run it totally in background. The GUI provides all you need to setup and run a Wired Server properly: easy configuration, Finder menu, network ports checking and mapping, configuration, maintenance and backups, logs, etc.




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Wired Server for Mac OS X was designed to be very easy to setup. It is very handy for anyone to install and run a Wired Server on Mac OS X without to much effort.


Wired Server can be setup to run as a demon in one click. The server will be launched as a background program at system startup. It will also be restarted automatically if interrupted.

Finder Menu

Wired server can display a minimalistic Finder Status Menu. It offers a quick access to main features and few status informations.

Network Ports

Wired Server helps you to check if your network is properly setup to host the server. It can check if your router/firewall ports are properly open and it can automatically map its ports using NAT-PMP.

Files Setup

It is quick to choose you server files root directory and to start indexing them all. Wired Server index your files at your desired time interval in order to provide better search results.


Wired Server gives you tools to maintain and backup your server bata. This include database snapshots, admin password rescue and events pruning.


The Wired Server documentation is available on the Wired Wiki. The Wired Wiki is a place designed as a knowledge base for the Wired project. Use the button below in order to browse the Wired Server wiki page.

  Wired Server Documentation

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