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Wired, pronounced as "wiredy" because of its evil nature, is a daemon program that runs a Wired 2.0 server on most of the famous UNIX distributions.


Wired is an UNIX server program that provides a set of BBS features like chat, message, boards, file transfers, etc. Wired fully implement the Wired 2.0 protocol, it is written in C and designed to be compliant with most of the known UNIX-like operating systems. Wired is a very simple way to safely share information with other people; it inherits of more than twenty years of experience with BBS.

Both the program and the specification are built with security in mind. Using strong SSL/TLS ciphers, Wired server provides secure communications over the network, while the Wired specification itself was built to limit edge effects of this kind of protocol and to boost users privacy.

Wired server only uses open-source third-party software:

Wired is entirely free and distributed under BSD License. If you are interested in installing and running Wired, please have a look to the wiki:


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Wired wants to restore the well-know-famous-old-scholl Bulletin Boards System from the 90s. Wired mainly inheriting its design from Hotline and its descendants.

Strong Encryption

Wired uses OpenSSL and CommonCrypto libraries to secure its network communications. Connections between the server and the clients use AES/256 bits cipher for encryption.


Wired is light and fast. Written in C language against the libwired library, it use a multi-thread architecture to speed-up operations and aims to have a low memory footprint.

UNIX Power

Wired is written respecting the ANSI-C standard and is portable on most of the known UNIX-like operating system. It uses library and components that are generally available on these platforms.


Wired provides a multi-clients environment where everybody can interact in real-time. Each user have his own account and his own identity.

Open Standards

Wired is built using open standards, and is an open standard itself. The protocol specification and the source code are open for all to see, allowing developers to create their own versions, ports or improvements.


The wired documentation is available on the Wired Wiki. The Wired Wiki is a place designed as a knowledge base for the Wired project. Use the button below in order to browse the wired wiki page.

  wired Documentation

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