There are several ways to get support for Wired:


The Wired Wiki

The Wired Wiki provides a knowledge base that regroups all the well-know topics around the use of Wired. It is the first place to consider if you need documentation about Wired. The Wiki is also open-sourced and you can found that sources on GitHub, so it is easy take part of the documentation project if you want to. Feel free to send some pull requests.

The Wired Wiki:


GitHub Pages

Wired sources are hosted on the popular GiHub platform in several Git repositories:

Each of these repositories has its own Issues page (i.e. where you are welcome to post topics about bugs, enhancements or other issues you experienced with a Wired software.


The official Wired Dev Server hosts a public Wired server with guest access at You are welcome to join us in order to share your experience, grab some tips and have fun. The official server also hosts a Wired Tracker which you can register you own Wired Server.

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