Wired is an open standard providing BBS-style client/server features, like chat, boards and file tranfers. Wired is both a network protocol and software suite, mainly designed for UNIX-based and Mac OS X platforms. The network protocol uses TLS/SSL to secure connections and Unicode encoding for textual communications.

Originally, Wired was developed by Axel Andersson (aka Morris) at Zanka Software, as a substitute to the old bulletin-board system named Hotline which was massively used in the 1990s. This project is a fork of the original Zanka sources version 2.0 and Read-Write.Fr now ensures the maintenance and the distribution of code and binaries.

This website was made to regroup binaries, links and documentation in a same place. You are welcome to visit the Products and Support pages in order to get more information about Wired software.


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