Wired Wiki

Welcome to the Wired Wiki. This place is dedicated to provide documentation for the Wired software suite and its specifications. If you are not aware about what Wired is exactly, I recommend you to look at the Wired Overview page.

This wiki is designed to be the primary documentation reference for users, administrators and developers. This knowledge base is updated as regularly as possible with latest information.

Download binaries

Wired binaries are hosted and available for download at SourceForge.net.

Download sources

Wired source code is available on GitHub.com

User Manuals

User manuals of the Wired software suite:

Mac OS X

UNIX (Linux/BSD)


Here are listed several guides to help users on very specific topics.

Developers Wiki

This part of the wiki is dedicated to developers, testers and people who would like to go further with Wired.


There are several ways to contact us.